Brief History

Long before the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, a group of adventurous Malays residing in place “BALUARTE” It was called Gutta de Leche (derived from the milk drop like stalagmites) found among the rocks in the harbor of Guta port by Spanish soldiers trying locate Dutch Gold Mines at Lahuy Island.

After which form the word Nagcaramoang meaning a place of broken teeth, and dumagats of the place called it Carahan, a sea turtle that abounds the shores and the seas of the municipality because it brings to life good memories, projects and promote nothing but goodness and you will reap abundance in friendship and blessings. The hard and durable shells of the crustacean are made to beautiful combs, necklaces, rings, earnings, bracelets as well as decorative pieces. As such, when the person goes out wearing those trinkets in a fit of administration, the natives would reclaim to them Cara-moan meaning what a beautiful things you’re wearing.