1. Please call or text the frontdesk at  0916-303-49-65 / 0948-229-09-15 or the owner/manager Angel at 0920-954-52-19 (Smart) / 0917-506-65-92 (Globe). Email Add:

2. Give the following information:

1.)  Inclusive days and dates
2.) Choice of room and number of persons to occupy
3.) Other services/packages of the hotel that you want to avail.

3. Partial payment of 30% shall be required. Partial payments can be made  either at the frontdesk  or  through depository banks of the owner/manager Angel.


Angel G. Naval – Landbank, Pili, Branch – Savings Account No. 2707-0047-22
Angel G. Naval – DBP   Branch – Savings Account No. 5-08453-630-0
Angel G. Naval – Metrobank, Naga-General Luna Branch – Current Account No. 007-418-90162-0

If payment made through bank deposit, please inform  the Frontdesk by sending  thru email  the scanned copy of the deposit slip indicated therein thea mount and date of deposit. Thereafter,  the frontdesk shall convey to the guest the confirmation and the assigned room numbers.

4. Early bookings is encourage for room availability. No partial payment, No room reservation.

5. In case of change of date of reservation, the frontdesk shall find available rooms of the the same rate with no additional charge provided that the change ofdate has been communicated 3 days before the confirmed date.

Change of date for early occupancy should becommunicated 3 days before the scheduled early occupancy subject however to availability of rooms.

6. In case of cancellation of bookings, when communicated 3 days before the confirmed date, the amount deposited shall remain with the hotel and be considered as advance deposit for future bookings.

7. No show shall forfeit the deposit made.


8. The intercom installed per room is an in-house telephone only. For easy communication to frontdesk and restaurant. There is no telehone system in the entire municipality.

9. Cable connection is serviced by private cable company. From time to time it changes and reduces channel.  Due to frequent brown-outs,cable signal may not be restored immediately.

10.The hotel is equipped with two (2) generator sets. During brown-outs, the small genset is activated to keep the  freezer, lights, paging system, CCTV, intercom, Wi-Fi, fans, and small gadget to be functional. Airconditioning  and water heaters will be turned-off. When the function hall is in use and  75% of the rooms occupied the big capacity genset will be on standby.