Kape Caloy

istaran budget hotel provides fine dining at Kape Caloy. Pinakiri-kiti (sizzling), kusido (sinigang), linabonan (steamed/boiled) seafoods are the specialties. It has in-house istaran pansit, istaran hamburger, istaran seafoods. It’s breakfast version is unique like TapBadSiGoc (Tapa, Badi, Sinanlag & Sogoc) with Seaweeds atsara.  Many costumers have thumbs-up on almost all food servings. It has all-tiled spacious kitchen, two comfort rooms for male and female, pocket garden to provide greens, lights and air. Kitchen personnel gained their work experience in Metro Manila and Naga City hotels and restaurants.  MAGKAKAN HASTANG MAGUTIRAN! (eat until your full). It is our way of saying… enjoy, relax and have a fine dine at istaran.Some Bikol signages prominently placed elsewwhere in the hotel are: “Baye” for female. “Lake” for male. “Ponsyonan” for place of activity. “Paluwas” and “Palaog” for exit and entrance. “Maogmang Pag-abot” for welcome. Menu sheet where you can find pinakiri-kiti (sizzling); kusido (sinigang);  linabonan (steamed or boiled); TapBadSiGoc – tapa, badi, sinanlag, sogoc (daing, sinangag at itlog), tasigoc, longsigoc, etc; Kinonot – ginataang pating (shark meat in coconut milk); Bicol express (a bikol delicacy of hot chili  with small amount of pork meatin coconut milk); Tinoktok – pinangat (a freshwater shrimp or crab (talangka) finely chopped wrapped in several layers of gabi leaves in coconut milk); Seaweeds atsara special; and,  many other locally made dishes and kakanin.

Food Packages @ Kape Caloy

  • Food servings will be at the Coffee Shop (Kape Caloy).
  • Food packages does not include the use of Airconditioned hall.